welcomePiedmont Basketball Foundation was formed in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  We are a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to providing basketball players of all ages and abilities with opportunities to develop their skills and life-long love of basketball in Piedmont and neighboring communities.

Our Mission Statement

Piedmont Basketball Foundation is dedicated to fostering the skills and love of basketball. Our goal is to provide a memorable basketball experience in which every child or adult:

  • Develops as a basketball player
  • Appreciates the responsibilities and rewards of being on a team
  • Learns life lessons and skills that have meaning beyond the game: sportsmanship, character, confidence, resilience, selflessness
  • Receives ample opportunities to succeed
  • Has FUN playing the game

How We Do It  PBBF is an entirely volunteer organization. Everything we do depends on the energy and support of PBBF volunteers. To get involved, contact us at info@piedmont-hoops.net.

What We Do

  • Organize competitive teams in East Bay regional leagues, such as MVP Flight (Spring, Summer, Fall) and Oakland Citywide leagues (Winter)
  • Work with the Piedmont Recreation Department to support and improve kids experiences in its recreational leagues for grades 2 through 8
  • Support Piedmont school basketball programs with promotions and financial donations, such as funding for new scoreboards in the high school gym, the new floor in the middle school gym and this year the new scorer’s table module in the high school gym.
  • Support youth basketball beyond Piedmont, such as providing scholarship funding to the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department for players in its Oakland Citywide Leagues
  • Represent community basketball interests in Piedmont city issues, such as the propsed Hampton park redevelopment project

To see more about what we do, scroll down the homepage to see many of the things that we help get done.