Piedmont Basketball Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization, and we depend on dedicated parents and basketball lovers in order to continue and increase the value of our programs and projects for the community, and especially for the kids.

Each team that is organized within the PBBF support structure needs volunteers to function effectively: a coach, assistant coach, team manager,  and team reporter.  We also need each team to contribute at least two volunteers to PBBF support and organizational activities, to make sure that the many support functions (gym time, player and team registration and payment, insurance, finance, uniforms & equipment, and many more) continue to be provided to the teams.

Participation beyond these requirements is of course gratefully accepted.  And in fact, as you look into the many Volunteer Opportunities on the team and board pages, you will see that most of them are a lot of fun, and many provide an opportunity to learn new skills or use ones that you already have.  In addition, PBBF has annual social/basketball parties for you to work on that are nothing but fun:  March Madness, the MVP Season Celebration Banquet in late May, and the 4th of July Parade game.

There are a myriad of volunteer opportunities to choose from, so come joins us and make hoops happen!